Stained Glass Valence

stained glass valence brown

Elegant Stained Glass Valence

The elegant stained glass valence shown above measures 24″ by 7″.

I combined three textures and colors to create this lovely curved valence:

  • Clear Ripple
  • Brown Water, and
  • Brown Crackle

The item reference number is #0501m Valence.

The purchase price is only $135.00. (Free shipping in the 48 contiguous U.S. Outside this area, please call for shipping information.)

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The Design of the Stained Glass Valence

The inspiration for this particular valence came visiting elegant homes throughout the years where fabric or tapestry valences were prominently displayed in almost every room. Chattanooga is a richly historical area of our country where formal rooms are still the norm.

Often draping valences set off flowing draperies or in some of the more casual rooms with large windows overlooking the city, the valences alone are used.

I selected a curve theme for the design as it softens the look and feel of any room. The choice of colors defines neutral shading that will grace any window overlooking a natural setting. I selected various texture to complement and accentuate the colors.

Uses for the Small Valence

This small stained glass valence is ideal for use in a bathroom to accent the exterior window or to accent the lighting bar in a powder room where bright light is not needed.

Custom Designing Your Stained Glass Valence

The design shown above is an example of the possibilities if one allows the imagination to explore the decor. For example, some may wish to have stained glass valences adorn windows across a glass wall. Others may wish to have other colors or textures.

Contact me or visit Visions Gallery with your color scheme or ideas. I am always happy talk to you about your design, color and textural preferences to create custom designs to complement your home decor.

Leaded Bevel Glass Valence

leaded bevel glass valence


29″ Leaded Bevel Glass Valence


I created the bevel glass valence from stained glass to diffuse the light as it shines through the upper window.

The valence measures 29″ in length and 8″ in width. To make the valence I used

  • five (5) 4 inches X 4 inches square cut bevels,
  • five (5) 1 inch by 5″ rectangular bevels and
  • seven (7) smaller 2 inches by 2 inches bevels to complete the creation.

To add texture and diffusion I chose a hammered clear textured glass. The variety of bevel glass squares combined with the hammered clear texture creates an eye catching piece that can be used in multiple areas of the home.

Call, stop by or email with any questions. A contact form is available for rapid response.

Multiple Uses for Bevel Glass Valence

Originally, I thought of using this bevel glass valence as a complement to a smaller window, such as one in a bathroom or as a focal point over any narrow window. Once I saw the light beaming through the finished piece I realized that this leaded bevel glass valence will work beautifully over a bar of lights over a vanity in the bathroom.

Custom Design for Your Valence

I designed and created the leaded bevel glass valence shown as an example of the many uses of stained glass. I will custom design a valence to fit your color selections and size.

Please call or email to discuss colors, size, design, and pricing on custom orders.