Pricing custom orders is as unique as the design. There is no formula to determine the amount of time involved. If it were only so easy!

However, we do consider three main components when determining custom quotes.

  • Complexity of the design (amount of individual pieces)



  • Type of cuts (straight/curved)


Simple Curve

More Detailed
  • Type of Glass
    • The price of the stained glass used ranges between $8/sq. ft. and $30/sq.ft. depending on the manufacturer. A single finished piece may have some glass from each of the manufacturers or from one or two, depending on your selections and availability.

Please note: If you have seen a piece on this site that is available for sale and prefer a different color scheme or something similar, I will be able to provide a fairly close estimate of the cost per square foot.

Custom work is harder to estimate and is not “set in stone”¬†until the final drawing is approved.