Shipping and Handling Charges

Our shipping and handling charges are on a per item basis. Unfortunately, most often it is impossible to pack and ship glass pieces together. However, for many of our smaller items we are able to do so.

At checkout, the fee will be listed as “shipping”. However, the expense will be the cost of packaging the item for safe and secure shipping.

The cost per item for packaging and shipping
Item PriceFee for S&H
$25 and Under$3
Over $1200$100

Smaller items are secured with bubble wrap and often double boxed for the safety of the glass during shipping.

Larger pieces are crated professionally for safe shipping.

As you can see, the cost is not so much in the transport or actual shipping from Visions Gallery to your home, but in the packaging and preparation for the transportation.

Over the years we have had only a very few pieces that did not reach the destination satisfactorily. Therefore, we insure each and every piece we ship, included in the listed fees.