Stained Glass Trophies Made for Chattajack 2017

Chattajack 2017 Trophies

Chattajack 2017 trophies in production, check it!!! You need one of these for your work desk. Keeping with the CJ tradition of working with local artists, we can't thank Carolyn at Visions Stained Glass-Carolyn Insler enough for her time and craft instilled into each of these pieces. Seems like CJ trophies get a little harder to take home each year. #stoke #stageisgettingset

Posted by Chattajack 31 on Friday, October 6, 2017

Stained glass trophies were made for the Chattajack 2017 competition. The trophies were made in three sizes, the larger size for first place finishes, mid-size for second place, and the smaller ones for third place. Trophies depict the Tennessee River surrounded by the lush green mountains that surround the Chattanooga Valley. This scene is one that all locals and most tourists will recognize, once they have visited Chattanooga.

On the base of each trophy stand is a small plaque showing the event and the place achieved in the event.

The design is original for the Chattajack event in 2017. The river view carries out the theme of the event which includes paddle boards and kayaks.

The colors of the stained glass are the green of the mountains and a rich blue depicting the Tennessee River. The texture of the glass helps create the landscape. The green is in a cobblestone texture that really adds to the lush appeal of Chattanooga’s landscape. The blue is a cathedral ripple style that gives the illusion of a flowing river.

stained glass trophies for chattajack 2017